A revolutionary approach to wealth reprogramming where we blend the power of channelled hypnotherapy and nervous system regulation so your mind AND body attune to a new level of wealth frequency!

Say hello to upgrades happening fast.

Because, here is the DEAL: 

-you can’t effectively reprogram your mind without addressing your nervous system. Your body needs to feel safe to accept a new program and get behind your desires and actually not resist them

-you might have been using one dimensional reprogramming tools that don’t address your energy, nervous system or the power of your emotions

-you have probably come across a lot of audios on the Internet labelled as ‘hypnosis’ when in reality it has very little to do with hypnosis or was simply a very general recording that could be amazing for relaxation purposes, but won’t cut it for a specific issue

-I am a seasoned clinical hypnotherapist, have experience and DID NOT just take a weekend course to get my qualifications, I channel both my expertise and my intuitive guidance into my recordings and work

This is why I am so excited and thrilled to introduce my new Wealth Frequency Hypnosis Bundle - this is a powerful blend of channelled hypnotherapy and nervous system regulations. 

This bundle is perfect for you if...

...You've found yourself stuck at the same income level for months or even years, despite trying hard and taking action. But deep down, you know there's more to it – you are blocking the flow of wealth and life-changing opportunities.

...You've been putting in the effort with the typical mindset practices, and while they showed some results initially,
it seems like they've hit a plateau. You recognize the importance of aligning your nervous system with your conscious mind for true success.

...You're ready to
work on your subconscious mind and nervous system concerning money, but you don't want to be spending hours in quiet meditation - you have things to do, so 15-minute techniques would work for you.

…You are
no longer drawn to one-dimensional tools and techniques that only scratch the surface of your subconscious mind and nervous system. You are now ready for a blend of multifaceted modalities, combining them to produce more powerful and incredible results.
...You understand that your energy is incredibly important and powerful; you want to magnetise what you desire towards you.

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This is what you get inside the bundle

About This Bundle

Nothing like you have seen before... 

Recording 1: Releasing Resistance & Tapping into the Power of Energetic Action Hypnosis

Break free from
scarcity blocks, such as the need for perfect clarity, constant positivity, a massive audience or network, the belief in working 24/7 for success, and the myth that success is inherently painful and requires extensive time and energy. Instead, open yourself up to receiving…

Learn how
one empowered energy action can set off a chain reaction of abundance when paired with the right energy.

Recording 2: Miracles on Demand Hypnosis

Fast-track your mindset from fear and scarcity to a frequency of boundless possibilities, attracting new opportunities, remarkable invitations, and miraculous moments on demand. What if your reality could surpass even your wildest imagination?

Recording 3: Wealth Programming Hypnosis

This recording cuts through the mental clutter, aligning your nervous system with your grand financial goals. Dive into the visions and dreams you may sometimes even fear to acknowledge out loud, anchoring them deep within yourself to magnetize your goals effortlessly.

Introduction to Wealth Frequency Audio

Get ready to dive into the ins and outs of this bundle—I'll cover how to use it, the energy behind each recording, and kickstart your transformation. This podcast-style audio is where the magic begins.

You'll also receive extra resources, support boosts, engaging stories, channelled poetry, and tips on turning this hypnosis bundle into your ultimate life-changing tool. Let's make it happen!

About Hypnosis Audio

Uncover the intricacies of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnosis audios.

If you're new to hypnotherapy, this recording provides all the essential information you need. It seamlessly guides you in harnessing these audios for your utmost success.

This is what’s included: 

  • Releasing Resistance & Tapping into the Power of Energetic Action Hypnosis

  •  Miracles on Demand Hypnosis

  • Wealth Programming Hypnosis

  • Introduction to Wealth Frequency Audio

  • About Hypnosis Audio

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Hi, I am Stepanka!

I am an intuitive hypnotherapist, mindset and energy alchemist. My intuition is my biggest gift when coaching and supporting my clients!

I specialise in empowering spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers and creatives to break free from self-sabotage tendencies such as procrastination, fear, insecurities, lack of follow-through, repetitive patterns, and upper limit challenges. Together, we unlock their true potential and empower them to their next levels of abundance, confidence, authenticity, and aligned action in all areas of life, business, and career.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, certified EFT (tapping) practitioner and energy healer, I bring a comprehensive skill set to our journey. I have extensively studied and gained qualifications in various modalities, enabling me to create a unique approach that focuses on energy, emotions and subconscious mind reprogramming. Together, we’ll shatter that glass ceiling in your business, career, and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this work? When do I get access?

Upon purchasing this product, you gain immediate access to all the recordings.

How long do I have access to all of the resources?

Lifetime access is provided since all resources can be downloaded to any of your devices and kept indefinitely.

I am completely new to hypnotherapy; I have never done this before. What do I need to know? What if I can't be hypnotized?

Rest assured, the notion that some people can't be hypnotized is a common misconception. Hypnosis is a natural state experienced by all in various forms, like daydreaming or being engrossed in a book. It is a focused state that can help you change your beliefs, feelings, and create new ways of responding and feeling about things. This bundle includes a separate audio file explaining everything you need to know about hypnosis, using the recordings independently, and what to expect.

Who is this program for?

For anyone wanting to reprogram their mind to receive more money, attract abundance, seize opportunities, and transform their energy and deep-rooted thoughts about wealth. This is a self-paced program.

Reprogram your subconscious mind and regulate your nervous system for wealth, opportunities, and major abundance upgrade!

This channelled transformative hypnosis series is your go-to, crafted for the busy woman craving a potent and immediate shift—no meditation marathon required.

Disclaimer: When Hypnosis is NOT Recommended

Hypnosis is generally suitable for almost everyone, offering a powerful tool to enhance various aspects of your life.

However, hypnotherapy may not be recommended for individuals dealing with psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia or certain personality disorders. It's crucial to understand that the potential challenges lie in the interaction between hypnosis and these specific mental health conditions, not the hypnosis itself.

Additionally, individuals with epilepsy should approach hypnosis with care due to the slight possibility of triggering a convulsion. Certain epileptic conditions can be sensitive to changes in brain activity, including those induced by hypnosis.

Those experiencing severe cognitive impairment, like advanced dementia, may find participation in hypnotherapy challenging due to difficulties comprehending or actively engaging in the hypnotic process.

While hypnosis is a natural state of mind, our commitment to the well-being of our customers is of the utmost importance. We want to emphasize that we cannot provide medical advice. If there is any doubt about your suitability for hypnosis, we strongly encourage you to consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before engaging in our hypnosis recordings.

This approach ensures your safety and aligns with our dedication to maintaining professional and ethical standards in your transformative journey.

Additionally, it's important to note that the above recordings or hypnotherapy cannot replace medical care and long-term psychotherapy.

Please discuss this with your doctor to ensure comprehensive and personalized support for your well-being.